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Good Memories

Cooking meals on a campfire, in my opinion, taste better than any other meals cooked. It seems that not only do you get the flavor of what ever wood your cooking over, you also seem to get the flavor of the outdoors.

As long as I can remember, growing up as a child, I was fortunate enough to have a father who was an avid fisherman and spent a lot of time outdoors. I remember going fishing with him on weekends and waking up early in the morning to the smell of coffee percolating and bacon frying in a skillet. The smells are to this day, still some of my favorites. At that time, we were usually sleeping in his blue, Ford super van at the boat ramp of whatever East Texas Lake we were fishing at. Even then, cooking on his Coleman stove, the flavor of the outdoors were better than any seasoning you could use.

Now that I’m older, and have a son myself, I’m taking him fishing and camping. I hope to teach him the same way my dad taught me. The outdoors is something to respect. Take care of mother nature and she will take care of you. Learn to appreciate it so he can pass this on to my future grandson or granddaughter.


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Outdoor Cooking

Discount Camping Supplies

Outdoor cooking. Is there anything that taste better?

I remember growing up and my dad taking us on weekend fishing trips. Sleeping in his blue Ford van with bunks on either side. The smell of coffee brewing and bacon frying on his Coleman Stove.

At 4:00 am, getting food in our system before heading out on the lake, the smell and taste of breakfast still lingering. This is something that sticks with you for the rest of your life. It makes you appreciate how fun and good cooking outdoors can be. Back then, it was simple:
Bacon, scrambled eggs and coffee.

Now that i’m a dad and take my son to the deer lease every chance I get, Cooking is a big part of the weekend get aways. Still the same breakfast I grew up on with added toast or biscuits. For supper, we usually have tatters and brats. This dish is easy and delicious. Below are the ingredients and steps to prepare to feed three people. Our heat source is our fire pit with a grill covering the pit.

4) New Potatoes
2) jalapeno
1) Lg Onion
2) Bell Peppers (red and yellow)
Salt and Pepper
1) Aluminum pan and foil
1) package of Bratwurst

Slice up all the veggies (big or small your choice, although the smaller the better). Place all the veggies in the aluminum pan. We pour one can of beer in our dish but water will work just fine. Add salt and pepper. Place the bratwurst on top of the mixture. Cover with foil and place on the grill. About every 10 minutes you’ll want to turn the dish 90 degrees. Do this until your dish makes one revolution. You want to do this due to hot and cold spots in your heat source. By turning dish, you will get equal amount of heat. After this is done, place the bratwurst on the open grill and brown. Grab your plate and enjoy.

I hope you enjoy this dish. It’s one of my favorites. Please feel free to comment or add your favorite recipe.


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First Blog!

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How many folks like the outdoors? Camping, hunting, fishing or just sight-seeing? Is there anything better than getting away from the fast pace of your normal life? Spending time with nature has its rewards.
It let’s you clear your mind of a busy work week. Tune’s you in to Mother Nature. Takes away chores at home or at work. Gives you the freedom to explore. Do you agree?

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